Sangoma P310 - cannot call out

Just setup a P310 and it registered without issue with our SIP provider. We can call other extensions, we can check voice mail. We cannot call out. Using 1 and the area code or just a straight 7 number dial, says to contact my provider. So we did, there is nothing blocking. We setup a snom phone on the same extension and we have zero issues, so this is clearly an issue with the phone. We did check the configuration, and it is hard to see if we missed anything as it is so basic, and it is in fact registered. Any help would be appreciated.


You don’t register phones with your provider. You register phones to you PBX. Especially Sangoma phones.

My SIP provider has our PBX and it is registered as I mentioned

Then you need to use/buy their phones or call them.

That is incorrect. I setup a polycom this morning and that also worked. So, two different phones, work perfectly fine. The Sangoma does not.

My wild guess is codecs. I expect sharing a call trace via pastebin as requested by @PitzKey above will show the issue.


Update, just spent 30 minutes with our provider and they tried everything they could do. It registers, doesn’t call out. They feel that this phone is a dud. The fact that two other phones work perfectly fine with it, this has to be a bad phone. I can’t seem to find any firmware upgrades to try. Does anyone know where I can obtain the latest firmware for the P310?

You said you can call other extensions but you cannot call out to the PSTN. When you call out you get a recording message from the provider. This means the phone is working. What you probably have overlooked is the dialing plan. I do not have a P310 in order to tell you how to configure it, but I think this is what you should look into. Your phone is probably sending the wrong number format for PSTN calls.

I’m not sure if it is the same thing, but we did try changing to 11 digit calling, etc and that did not work. If it isn’t the same thing, can you give me some suggestions?

Actually, if you could get a SIP capture it would probably be easier to figure out what is wrong.

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This is the dialing plan information I was talking about but I do not know how/where this is configured on your phone.

Thanks for this. Unfortunately I can’t find anywhere to look at this. This phone is extremely basic and has no options to do just about anything

These two statements are mutually exclusive. This is, 100%, an admin configuration issue.

Am I missing something obvious here?

He has Sangoma phones and an ITSP. How is this a problem for the FreePBX forum? This doesn’t sound like a problem we should even be involved in, especially when the OP keeps telling us we’re wrong.

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Where’s the “other Sangoma products” forum? I think this one acts as a catch-all.

So we’re tier-1 tech support for a commercial company now? Nice.

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Again, I don’t own one - but from looking at the literature, it looks like it has a ton of features and options when used for its intended purpose as an endpoint on a Sangoma system.

I think this is a problem that can be solved, but your provider hasn’t done thorough enough troubleshooting. Nevertheless, save yourself the headache and use a phone that they know how to support. I’ll buy your slightly used P310; DM me.

isn’t that exactly what this forum has always been?

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