Sangoma Linux offline update

I would like to update some Sangoma Linux installations offline. With CentOS I was able to download the repo and this should allow me to update the CentOS installations offline. Now I want to do the same trick but for Sangoma Linux. What is my best approach?

I’ve found a temporary sollution for downloading the repo:

reposync --download_path={path to downloaddir}

Downside is that I’m on a Windows-machine and would like to sync these files to my portable HDD.

I am not sure there is a supported way to upgrade the OS offline as all the upgrade scripts seem to assume an internet connection to be able to download all the needed packages during the update process.

Here is the Sangoma supported/documented way to go from 15 to 16 for example:

Sorry for the possible confusion. I’m not trying to upgrade.
I would like an offline method for:

yum update && fwconsole ma updateall

Oh yea, I totally misunderstood that. Not sure that anyone here has done something like that before. Report back for posterity if you figure out how to do it.

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