Sangoma Development repositories failed dependency


Problems with Sangoma Development repositories.

After the issues with the Asterisk rollout in early 2020, I switched many of my systems to Certified Asterisk 13 LTS as outlined in the following article.

Unfortunately, the repository is no longer working as expected and has dependency errors.

Package Arch Version Repository Size

sangoma-pbx noarch 2006-5.sng7 sng7-testing 16 k
Skipped (dependency problems):
kmod-dahdi-linux x86_64 2.11.1-53.sng7 sng7-testing 4.8 M
kmod-wanpipe x86_64 7.0.25-3.sng7 sng7-testing 6.4 M
wanpipe x86_64 7.0.25-3.sng7 sng7-testing 8.1 M

Transaction Summary

Could someone on Team Sangoma have a look at this, please?

Thanks very much

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