Sangoma DB20N\D10 Contacts Help

So Im using the DB20N and 3 D10 handsets all configured using redirect and Endpoint Manager. Phones all work great but contacts are empty on the phones…

Do contacts not work with FreePBX and Sangoma DB20N???

The Sangoma datasheet for the DC201 DECT Base and Handset system specifically states “Local and Remote Phonebook Support” under “Handset Features.”

Nobody has this working??? With this model in the commercial version of EPM I don’t understand how this isn’t working as a Sangoma product…

@lgaetz any feedback on this??

The only supported way of having contacts on a hard phone is with Phone Apps, and phone apps are not supported on the dect phone.

There are unofficial ways of pushing publishing contacts, I suspect one will work with this device but I’ve never tried it.

@lgaetz So would you say on Sangoma’s website for the DC201 Base + Handset System under “Handset Features” is incorrect when it states “Local and Remote Phonebook Support” ??? Because it sounds like your saying there is no support??

Since the DC201 Basestation has Central Directory tab in the webgui… is there a location/address I can put in there to point it to a specific FreePBX Internal group in contact manager???

Or do I need to make some type of XML file and drop it into a directory then point that to Central Directory in the Basestation?? Im no expert with XML so any input, template, or help on how to get this basestation reading from the FreePBX internal directory in contact manager would be much appreciated.

@sorvani I read some of your posts helping someone with an XML file for a Fanvil phone to pull from FreePBX internal director in contact manager. Hoping this is something easy and can help me out or point me in the right direction…

Thank you!

If you use one of my scripts, they currently accept a paramter in the URL to specify a group name.


You can look at the code to reverse engineer anything you need.

There is PBXact and freePBX. freePBX is free, PBXact is not free.
You can buy commercial modules for freePBX, but certain features will not be available (for all devices), e.g. full central phonebook support.
If freePBX would be equivalent to PBXact, nobody would buy PBXact.
freePBX also serves as a (sort of) “beta testing site” for PBXact.
There are many scripts or code examples available, which help you with the phonebook problem … but you have to do it yourself.
This is just my personal opinion…I am just an average user of freePBX!
EDIT: I have to admit that I don’t know, if these features are available in PBXact :wink:

I have the commercial modules for most of my freepbx deployments AND this specific client we bought this Sangoma DC201 for IS running PBXact and s705’s. No phonebook doesnt work…we specifically bought this Sangoma DECT unit for compatibility with FreePBX/PBXact and the phonebook because the handset features on sangoma website specifically says “Local and Remote phonebook support.”

I guess I’ll have to jump down the custom script route and try and figure that out to get the phonebook working for this client

ok…this is really bad…if it is a PBXact System and still no central phonebook for the Sangoma DECT phone :confused:
Does the phone support LDAP phonebooks like the 705s? I guess not…

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Well this DC201 Basestation does have LDAP Server Option under Central Directory section…

Alright so I am no Linux or XML expert…far from it actually. But I do know how to read and research anything. So here I am down this rabbit hole of trying to use Jared’s script @sorvani and Im doing something wrong. Where did I mess up??

I downloaded @sorvani FreePBX Yealink phonebook script from here

I opened the script (cm_to_yl_ab_L2.php) with Notepad++ and added the name of my FreePBX internal phonebook (House) to line 18 ($contact_manager_group = “House”:wink: then saved it…

I used Filezilla to navigate to /var/www/html/ and upload cm_to_yl_ab_L2.php to that location. Its now there at /var/www/html/cm_to_yl_ab_L2.php

This is where I think I messed something up or missed a step…

SSH into my FreePBX Deployment via SSH and Changed permissions per readme file for script by running:

chmod 655 -R /var/www/html/cm_to_yl_ab_L2.php

I then Changed Owner of cm_to_yl_ab_L2.php to Asterisk by running

chown asterisk:asterisk cm_to_yl_ab_L2.php

I then try to verify the script is working by going to the static LAN IP of my PBX

But I get this Forbidden You don’t have permission to access /cm_to_yl_ab_L2.php/ on this server.

I get the same Forbidden You don’t have permission to access /cm_to_yl_ab_L2.php/ on this server if I go to my Https://FQDN address as well…

What did I mess up or miss??

Do the Yealink phones have the same phonebook files as the Sangoma phones? If no, you would have to change the code anyway.

If you are not sucessful, you could run an LDAP server for the central phonebook. Both, the 705s and the Sangoma DECT phone, can use it…
I use Virtualbox to run freePBX and at two locations, where I still have Cisco phones, I use a second VM with the LDAP server.
There you can get a simple install package

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I have no idea if Sangoma and Yealink have the same phonebook files… So maybe Im already starting off with the wrong script… The S705 have contacts through Phoneapps on this deployment.

Im going to look into running an LDAP server if I cant get this script business working.

Maybe there exists already a script to sync the freePBX contact manager to a local phonebook file the Sangoma DECT phone can read.
Did you buy a new phone? If yes, maybe you could contact support.

The LDAP server GUI is a little bit weird, but once you use it you get used to it.
Yet, to use the LDAP server in freePBX as a look-up source, you need to activate the LDAP template of CID-Superfecta (incoming calls) and manually install a freePBX plugin called outboundCNAM (outgoing calls).

I did buy new DC201 Base and Handset packages from my distro (authorized Sangoma reseller where I get all my Sangoma products, PBxact, commercial modules, phones, etc)… One for a client with 3 handsets… and I even bought a DC201 kit for my shop for testing purposes…

When you register the phones at the Sangoma portal, isn’t there a link to support?

EDIT: If you order new phones (non-DECT), try the D-series phones…stay away from the S-series :wink:

I opened a support ticket for this specific phone (DB20N DECT Base) in my Sangoma portal. So we will see what the official response is…

If it doesnt support phonebooks/contacts with FreePBX/PBXact out of the box then so be it… but the misleading part is stating “Local and Remote Phonebook Support” right on the hardware specs and features datasheet on Sangoma’s website for this specific phone. I thought staying 100% Sangoma on this clients deployment with PBXact, S705’s and DC201 DECT wireless system was the easy button to work right out of the box without having to play with scripts and coding to get contacts on these phones…

This phone is for a receptionist to be able to call, transfer, contact employees when she walks away from her desk. Contacts on the phone is critical…

You and I have been discussing D series phones for a few years now on here… Im a HUGE D80 fan but until it all works out of the box with EPM like S705 do… Im just not comfortable selling them to my clients… Contacts dont work and Im told because Sangoma using PhoneApps for Contacts and PhoneApps is not working on the D80 yet… Visual VM isnt working… still dials out *97… Presence doesnt fully work… still yellow triangle…

The D80 support in FreePBX has come a long way the past 12 months with full support in EPM to auto provision and TLS working… Multiple lines… but I want all the features to work, ESPECIALLY contacts.

The D65 works and is a nice phone and I have them deployed for clients that just want a basic phone. But honestly, most of my clients arent afraid to spend money and want a nice, new, modern touch screen or android based phone… Would be really nice if the D80 was fully supported with all working features…

Sorry, I didnt recognize you…maybe because of the missing avatar :wink:
“Local and remote Phonebook support” actually excludes a central phonebook…maybe local means ON the phone?! Remote would be LDAP… :wink:

Yes, if EPM does not fully support the D-Series it sucks…that’s the reason why my Ds are configured with the advanced DPMA method and xml-files :wink:

Avatar fixed :wink:

Which version of Linux Mint are you running as base OS for VirtualBox?? Cinnamon, Mate or Xfce??

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This is actually an Atari VCS, but I use Linux Mint everywhere…it’s a great OS!!! For remote access I use NoMachine…