Sangoma Connect/FreePBX Softphones module- fewer seats?


We have several locations that want to use the softphone functionality, but in most cases it’s just a few extensions where it’s needed, 1-3. The 20 seat license at $199/year is expensive to them for a handful of people. Is there another option for licensing the module that I’m not seeing? As-is, most are opting to skip it rather than pay for 20 seats.

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Its actually very cheap and the app works great. Its $16.55 per month or for 3 users $5.52 per user. Thats not very expensive at all and none of our clients have any issues paying it. We are talking $199 for 12 months.

Another option is upgrade your FreePBX to PBXact and get the license for free.

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For 3 users you are out of luck, but for 1 or 2 users it is free…


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The 2 user free is for the first year, then you have to renew at the $199 with FreePBX. I just did this for a client.

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Then it’s $99.50 per year for two years, isn’t it :slight_smile:

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YMMV, but it’s by far the most expensive commercial module for FreePBX that we deploy and we do have clients balking at it.

I don’t want to get into an argument about some sort of universal definition of ‘affordable’ here, though. I was simply looking for something like a five-seat option.

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We have single user licenses launching in portal very soon. It should show up in the next few days or so.


That’s excellent! Thanks for letting me know, Lorne.

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Clearly Anywhere Allows per seat licensing without a minimum. We also allow multiple devices per seat, I am not sure if they ever got that working.


Off topic perhaps? Do you still agree that pushing a third party Commercial products would contravene the fora rules here ?

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Not off topic, read the title, read it again, follow the conversation.

I am very good about staying on topic. :slight_smile:


and the second bit?

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If you are looking for attention perhaps start a new post. On the subject of inappropriate, it is inappropriate to hijack someone’s post. Last reply on this in this post


hehe, not that I care, but to me it looks like it is actually you ‘looking for attention’ and that for a third party commercial product that has traditionally been a ‘nogo’ here,

In the past you and your cohorts would not have accepted that , would you not agree ? . . . .

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Going to respectfully disagree. OP asked specifically about one single product by name, in a forum category dedicated for that one product. I would say promotion of competing products is off topic.

Note that “FreePBX Softphones” is how the product appears in the Poral:


SangomaConnect- smaller seat license, when?
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This has now been released on a per seat basis.

And for the math challenged… it is only worth it up to 3 users IMO. After that your cost per user per month is cheaper buying 20.

Note: Yes I have been vocal about getting this added. Not because I think it was a smart move, but because so many business people can’t do math. They go by gut feeling of “wasting” things.


I don’t understand your math. Why does cost/per user increase if the license is just bought per user ?!?