Sangoma Connect/FreePBX Softphones module- fewer seats?


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LOL. My above post was neither offensive or inappropriate. What is inappropriate is Jared calling other people “math challenged” while being a total math [I am not allowed to call him what he is] himself.


Let’s try this again with the conclusion removed, which was totally obvious anyway:

Ok, I’ve now spent again some time looking at Jareds weird spreadsheet because I could not get what his reasoning was. And I now get it!

The “reasoning” why Jared thinks that it is only worth it for “up to 3 users”, is that he has not divided by the number of users in column E, even though the column is named “cost per user per month”. Indeed what is shown is only the “cost per month”. So he is comparing the cost per month in the case of the individual licenses with cost per user per month with the 20-User-Bundle. Which is not a comparison that does make any sense at all.

It’s a bit worrying that he has failed the most basic of all math tests, yet HE claims of OTHERS they are “math challenged” (see his post above).

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Just FYI, I didn’t flag your post.

I’ve stated in another thread more details on why this is my opinion.

I might add I clearly stated IMO in the post.

But for your benefit, unless you are truly tiny office with less than X users, the cost per user is the only way to look at services like this.

In this specific case the value of X is 10.

That is a tiny number. So yes, people cannot math.

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I think this topic has been hashed enough. Presumably everyone is capable of determining their own numerators and denominators to determine how or what to buy for who.


If you don’t look at the to total cost to the org you’re not looking at the right thing.

But the other person is correct: You’re not doing the math right in column E. The cost per user per month for individual licenses is $19/12= $1.58. It doesn’t matter how many users there are, that’s the cost per user per month for the per user license: The PER part is built into the $19/year. You are multiplying the cost per user per month, $1.58, by the number of users. This gives units of cost (total cost per month) as the users you are multiplying by cancels the users in the $1.58 month/user denominator.


Great, then we are in total agreement. My problem ist just that your spreadsheet shows some fake financial crossover at 3 users (red arrows), while the actual financial crossover point is 10, so at 10 it makes 100% financial sense to go for the 20-pack, and of course like you said some room for growth is always good so for 7,8,9 users it’s probably also often reasonable to go directly to 20. But not at 3 like shown in the spreadsheet - which is due to the spreadsheet having blatantly incorrect math.