Run script when no one pick up incoming call

Hi, I have configure Asterisk in a way that i have a group of numbers. When client call to us all phones rings and wait for anyone to pick up the call. But if anyone don’t answer for that call i want to trigger custom script with callerid. I find this topic:

But I don’t catch last part with dumy number.

You will need to write some custom Asterisk dialplan, create a custom destination, and configure the ring group’s No Answer destination to that custom destination.


I’m new in this topic can you write some more. Also i want to be more precise. I gave created queue in queues_additional.conf and I want to send notification about the number which hangout. There is any parameter in queue configuration which can start script when someone hangout?

There are a couple of things we need to talk about:

  1. You can’t make changes to the queues_additional.conf file. They will get over-written when you Apply Changes on the system. Only use the “Queues” screen to manage your queues.
  2. On the Queues screen, there is a destination you can use when someone drops off the end of the queue (they time-out of the queue). This destination can be almost anything - what it does will be limited by your imagination and what you can do with the call.
  3. It sounds like you want to run a script when someone is just waiting in the queue. I’m not sure that that’s a thing, but there are lots of options in the queues module that you can invoke.

The queues is setup that when the callers is in queue hi will be waiting as long as anyone pick up the phone or he hang up. And I’m interested to start the script and pass as a parameter the caller phone number when caller don’t want to wait anymore in queue and hung up. I check in FreePBX queue but i don’t find option which do any action when someone hang up.

The event is handled in the logs, so there are options, but they aren’t part of the Queue module. The commercial Queue Reports module has a report that can get you that information, you can also periodically run selects against the CEL and CDR databases to do things to capture the information.

So there is no option to FreePBX trigger the script. I also find this event in the queue log under /var/log/asterisk but scrapping the log is not very sophisticated solution the same is asking DB. That why I try find something which can trigger the script.

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