Ringgroup Module - Skipping busy agents with "Skip Busy Agent" set to NO

I got a ring group with ring strategy of “ringall.”

According to the Wiki

Yes/No: When set to Yes , agents who are on an occupied phone will be skipped as if the line were returning as busy. This means that call waiting or multi-line phones will not be presented with the call. In the various hunt-style ring strategies, the next agent will be attempted.

I have confirmed on the extensions are set to allow Call Waiting, and as well the individual extensions are set with Call Waiting on. In addition, multi lines have been set up.

Since the phones have multiple lines set up, should call waiting be disabled?

You must really want your agents to ignore your customer calls. You’ve set up at least three ways for the phone to ring on their desk while they’re already busy with another call.

I don’t know where you’re going, but I wouldn’t want to go there with you.

If it was me, I’d set up an inbound queue and turn on the announcement that says “You’re whatever in line.” and use that instead. It will keep your customers happier. Now, if the point of overloading the agents with ringing phones is to get them off the line, there are easier ways to handle that, usually through training.

One thing about Ring Groups - they just ring the phones. If the phone is busy, it won’t ring unless you’ve set up all of the different things you have. If they are on a call and a ring-group call is received, they won’t get a chance to answer the call, where with a queue, you get a second bite at the customer apple, since the phone will start ringing once the “after call pause” time has been exhausted.

All incoming calls go to a ring group with only about 4 phones. They want the phone to still get the call no mattef what, hence the reason for asking this.

Thank you

I see the customer perspective on this, I really do. The problem is that they aren’t thinking in a customer focused way.

With a Ring Group, you get a phones that ring. If one’s busy, the others will ring and the one that didn’t cannot join back into the fun until the next call. There are so many race conditions that it’s just a nightmare.

For example. Al, Ben, Chuck, and Donna are all on calls. They all get a notificatoin that they have a call waiting. What happens? One of the finishes and their phone rings. The other three get a missed call. What if one of them isn’t there. Their phone just rings, and rings, and rings, and rings, and rings until someone answers it.

If, on the other hand, you set up a four phone queue. Al, Ben, and Donna come in but Chuck stays home to take care of his sick ferret. A, B, and D log into the queue as agents, and Chuck’s phone doesn’t sit there ringing and ringing while everyone else is talking on the phone. One of them gets off the phone and their phone rings - it’s a customer that’s been waiting in a queue, being told that their average wait time will be 2 minutes that they are next in line. No one gets missed calls, the statistics make sense so you can get the right number of people on the job, and no more missed calls.

Of course, you are always welcome to manage these phones however you’re comfortable. The telephone is the rudest device ever devised by man, but by using all of the tools in your box, you could make it better… or not. It’s all up to you.

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Figured it out.

Thanks for responding

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