Ring Group Error (Invalid Extension)


I am having trouble dialing a ring group from an internal extesion. Everytime I dial my ring group I get an invalid extension message. Is there a way I can solve this issue?

call trace: https://pastebin.freepbx.org/view/f0676b47

Thank you.

You are being blocked by Class of Service:

[2019-05-06 12:01:01] VERBOSE[23107][C-00004ec1] res_agi.c: cos.agi: 38029 is a member of Normal, and Normal is NOT allowed to use 38003

how i can solve this?

sorry, i solved.

thak you so much!

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De nada. You did all the work, actual call trace with no useless lines without being asked and used pastebin instead of cluttering the forum. Took me longer to type the reply than to find the problem. Estrellita de oro para ti :star:!


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