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Anyone else on v15 having that right side slide out menu just constantly opening and popping out on every page load and refresh even after you set it to be hidden?

I hope not because it’s happening to me on this one install and it is annoying AF.

I’m not seeing that. Is there any specific action you need to do in order to make it become unhidden? Do you get the same result if browsing in private mode?

I load a new page, it pops out. I save the changes on the page (which refreshes), it pops out. I refresh the page, it pops out. Every time a page loads, it pops out.

Yup. Don’t matter what mode, it pops out on every page load. Annoying AF.

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If you are talking about the right nav bar which is slide to open every time, then click on gear on top of right page and click on Keep Nav Bar Expanded for disabling this option and this nav bar will be always closed after this action.
By default, this option is enabled, so, this menu is always opened.

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This happens after its set to be hidden.

I tested on my system, no prob.
Maybe a cache issue?

I can’t repro either, and caching was my idea as well, but it happens in private browsing mode too, which I think should rule that out. @BlazeStudios if you use an alternate browser do you see the same?

Well this being default is rather dumb. Yes, turning that off fixed the problem. It is kind of annoying to have to go around and start disabling annoying and intrusive things that weren’t like this before.

You’re not wrong, but this decision was mine. I have personal knowledge of many dozens of cases (perhpaps more than a hundred now, including from people who should’ve known better) who were unaware of the r-nav until it was pointed out to them.

And I realize now where my confusion was. You initially wrote:

and I interpreted that to mean you were aware of the global setting and had it disabled, when actually you had just collapsed the menu. My apologies for the run-around, I thought you were seeing a caching issue.

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Just not a fan of solutions designed to solve an issue for people that don’t RTFM or learn how the stuff they use works that makes it so they don’t have to do the aforementioned things.

Are you setting this to fly out by default even on existing installs that update?

No, this should only appear on a new install. I’m not sure what behavior you will get if restoring an old backup to a new install, I suspect this setting is not included in the backup so it will prob continue to display until it is disabled.

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