Restrict calls between extensions multi-tenent pbx

Hi, I have a freepbx 15 for 3 companies. I need to restrict the calls between the extensions inside the companies.
Company 1 has exten 100 - 130
Company 2 has exten 200 - 130
Company 3 has exten 300 - 130
I need to avoid that exten 110 calls exten 2XX or 3XX.
I set this by Custom Context, but the BLF go down if I rescrict the dialplan.
May I use Class of Service for this ?


FreePBX is not multi-tenant. While you might be able to restrict certain things from being dialed via Class of Service you’re not going to stop everything and there can be crossover between them all.

CoS does not control ext to ext calls. Pretty much everything but.

OK, so there is any way to control ext to ext calls by module ? Shoud I write a context manually ?

Essentially you are trying to make a unicycle in to a passenger van. Can you? Probably. Should you? Probably not.

If you want to run multiple companies on one server the best way to do it is virtual machines.


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