Restore to Upgrade Procedure?

Preparing to do our first 13 to 15 upgrade via backup/restore.

Should the newly installed, clean 15 system be activated before the restore happens?
I’m making sure all modules on both systems are current, with Backup at Edge on both.

General plan is to make a final backup of the old system, shut it down, reboot the new system with the IP of the old system, and restore.

In the past we used WinSCP to move the backup file to the local backup location on a new system and then CHMOD to 777. Once that is done it shows up in the Restore list on the new system and the restore completes. Does this still apply?

Any other caveats?


Edit to add: fwconsole ma upgrade backup --edge reports that the online version is the same as the installed version. Is Stable and Edge currently the same for backup or do I have the command incorrect?

I would say yes. I don’t think it needs to be activated before restore happens, but I believe some of the commercial modules won’t restore without it being activated first.

I don’t think you have to have WinSCP anymore. FreePBX should be able to save to another FreePBX system via SSH, however, I don’t know off the top of my head which directory you should store it to.

The current version in edge is Does this match what is installed, if the answer is yes, then you’re running the latest version found in edge.

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Thanks, Matt. So I should shut down the old system and move the activation to the new system before restoring? The only issue I see with this is that it doesn’t leave me an easy path to fallback if the restore to v15 doesn’t go well.

Your only two options as of now are the following:

  1. Buy licenses for any commercial software that needs to be restored and use a secondary deployment id
  2. Do an instantaneous deployment transfer and test nightly, and may require interaction with support. Unfortunately, this will also deactivate the current main system at Midnight CST, so just keep that in mind.

You get up to 3 self-serve resets per deployment ID, I believe, so you can fall back if you have all your resets. Either way, support can give you more resets.

Another option on the table is to utilize support either via paid plan or with the support that comes with PBXAct. Support can assist you with the upgrade procedure and create a backup/restore plan that works for you.

“In the past we used WinSCP to move the backup file to the…”

The restore procedure in V15 is pretty easy as far as getting your backup file into the new V15 box. You can easily browse a Windows PC, if you have the backup copied to a directory on your PC. If you use some other method it is, IMHO, best to create a file store on the V15 and copy the backup there. You will have to recreate the file store after the restore.
In my restores I always activated my box first. Did my restore then either bought or transferred the activation from another box to System Admin and all settings were there. Can’t say for other commercial modules but I’ll bet the settings will be there.
Sangoma and the crew have done a pretty good job making it pretty seamless!

That’s what I ended up doing: Shut down the old box, unlock the hardware lock at the Sangoma portal, activate the v15 box with the same Activation ID, then upload the backup file and restore.

The backup file was 2.7GB and took about 20 minutes to upload from an on-LAN location. WinSCP was taking the same amount of time. This seemed unusual to me.

Unfortunately we ran into a number of problems after the restore, including that all of the endpoint registrations were failing, and had to go back to the v13 box.

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