Restore not working on - x86_64

Hi there,

I need your help! At the moment can not restore anything.

The restore not working on the same sever, that the backup was taken from. It will upload backup on the restore, but will not display the directory of what files you would like to restore.

Also trying to restore over to a new instance of freepbx x86_64 and get exactly the same thing.

Can anyone please help me?!

Did you put the backup file onto the destination pbx?
I recall not being able to restore my backup if accessing the file externally.

HI Yes all these freepbx instance are on remote servers. So backup is run local and then i download backup tar file. This is then uploaded back to same server. Does not work either to another remote server. I have had this working in the past?!

Hi dghundt, I get what your saying now. You sftp the file on the remote server and then restore local. Trying that now. I have feeling this might work. Cheer)

that works a treat. very long winded. But its a solution to my problem. Thanks Again for coming back to me.

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