Restore breaks freepbx

I have a system that for a number of reasons I did not have a recent backup of and the system drive failed. I have a backup from over a year ago.

The system is running Freepbx Distro version 10.13.66.

I have no idea how to tell which version the system was in the backup that I have.

I reloaded the distribution and then ran the restore checking only the settings/database and /etc to restore.
After reboot I hit the admin site and was presented with a “Please Select the default locales of the PBX” screen so I checked what I wanted and hit accept and was presented with:

Any ideas what I can do to get it functioning again? Or a better restore method? I’m just trying to keep from having to rebuild the database by hand.


Sorry for bad pic, forgot the 2nd monitor.

What was the name of the backup file? The FreePBX version is part of the name. If your backup was a FreePBX 13 back up the last part(ish) of the file name would be 13-X-XX it would tell you which version for the Framework you were on.

The filename was 20160201-000001-1454306401-2135692285.tgz

But after I un-tarred it and saw what I had I decided to rebuild the database manually. I’ve got all the info I need.

I guess the database restore was too old. My guess is it was at best version 12 maybe previous to that even.

So the situation has been resolved. Thanks for your response.

Yeah, that is exactly what the issue was. It was older than 13 and you can’t restore across versions. Glad you got it worked out.