Resource for Large Directory of Ringtones

Does anyone have a resource for ringtones? I don’t think I really like the ones that are included with my phones and would like to upload different ones. I have already uploaded a couple, but ideally I would want more to have different rings for certain alert-infos.

Zedge mostly contains childish cell phone ringtones, I am looking for something more professional, simple, and easy to listen to.

I would suggest that copetant ‘professionals’ would not need more than three or four ringtone indications

Well, I never called myself a professional. I am however competent enough to know what is and isn’t fitting for my particular situation.

My business has a total of 8 lines, 4 for the primary business, 2 for another LLC, and 2 more for yet another LLC. We operate 3 businesses out of our office, and all of the calls are handled by two receptionists. If those receptionists can hear a separate ring depending on where the call is coming from, it will be easier for them to answer and know what to do with the call beforehand. They are very busy people and don’t always have the time to filter their calls via the display. Most calls are answered before the second ring anyhow, so no CID in most cases.

All I am looking for is a repository of ringtones that are similar in nature. ie. One long ring and 4 other slightly different lengths or tones that are derived from the same ring. That way it’s different enough to determine where the call is coming from, but not so crazy that it sounds like a call center where everyone uses their own custom tones.

You can “hint” a ringtone,but what the phone does with the it is totally phone dependent.

Plenty of threads for various phones

and the wiki has lots of articles regarding ‘distinctive ring’

This will all depend on what phones you have. Typically phone makers that support it will have a utility that will convert any wav to their format.

Here is a site

and another

bellcore are the standard ones that many phones support ootb in NANP land

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