Replacing Alcatel PABX - what can be reused

I will replace an Alcatel PABX with FreePBX.
PABX is currently used with Gigaset Dect phones through Alcatel 4070io base stations, wired with 2 pairs of copper.
Could I keep the 4070 access points ?
Does it make sense ?
if yes, how do I connect physically ?


If the base stations have a common FXO port on them and can be connected directly to the PSTN, you can connect them to an FXS port on FreePBX, either on a pic/pcie card like the ones from digium or Sangoma, to a FXS Gateway or an FXS channel bank.

You can’t use the base 4070 because it’s proprietary.
But You can keep your DECT and buy some base compatible with DECT on SIP.
This kind of base (4070) needs to be connected to any UA16 or 32, or UAi 16, or MIX x/x/x card ext…
So you can’t reuse it.

The best should be to buy a DECT/SIP gateway and reuse your DECT phone (Compatible GAP or GAP+)
For Gigaset, No problem.

Just an idea like that.

Another way to keep your DECT and this kind of base. you could reuse your Alcatel OXE / OXO as DECT gateway.
Just connect your OXE/OXO to your FreePBX system through E1 with the protocol QSig.
Just buy a card E1 using Qsig protocol and change the settings side OXE/OXO for routing.

Why don’t use SIP trunking? Because I will be surprised you’ve got a sip licenses on your OXE or OXO. :slight_smile:
But if it’s the case, then no issue. You could connect your Alcatel system to FreePBX.

Thx Franck.
Server is leased and probably dect bases too. I don’t know what happens at the end of the leasing.
So, I have to find new suitable SIP Dect bases and forget Alcatel hw.
New cabling and new bases.
I’ll search for advices in the forum and/or open a new topic if I can’t find.

Hmmm. I don’t know if DECT base on Sangoma will be enough for you. If not, there’s the SNOM 700.
I know there’s another brand with the same spec a kind of clone of SNOM 700. That works on FreePBX.
The clone of SNOM 700 is RTX 8660. Depending the country you are, you could buy it as well.
In France, there’s no way to get it right now, this device is no longer distributed.

If you want to stay with Gigaset, you might want to have a look at this:
SIP DECT solutions for any size at a reasonable price.

NEC can be used as well.

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