Removing Widgets from Dashboard

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(Melissa) #1

Is there any way to edit which widgets are shown on the dashboard? Just moving files from /var/www/html/admin/modules/dashboard/section to a subdirectory (I like to use “deactivated”) is enough to remove widgets from the dashboard, but that causes the security warning to appear. Is there any acceptable way to do this and get rid of the warning? I’d hoped the allhooks key in asterisk.kvstore_Dashboard would do the trick but other than that I couldn’t find a smoking gun in mysql.

(TheJames) #2

I assume you mean which ones can be added?

Permissions are set under Admin -> User Management
There is a UCP tab.

(Melissa) #3

It’s not the UCP that I’m trying to alter but the main dashboard – the first screen you see after logging into the system.

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