How to adjust the dashboard?

Is it possible to adjust the main Administrator dashboard to remove unwanted features and eye-candy ?
I find so much color and movement to be a significant distraction from the important details.
Not the UCP, the main admin dashboard.

Edit. It seems I’m not the only user with this question.

Which unimportant ‘bits’ that ‘move’ cause you to be distracted ?

IMHO widget selection should be a very personal choice.
But since you asked, I find the “live network usage” and “system uptime” widgets to be an unnecessary distraction. Probably the same for “disk usage” since we have plenty.
This is merely a personal opinion, and others will surely have different needs and ideas, which is precisely why I ask about how to make personal adjustments.
I could easily do without the Sangoma announcements feed (advertising), but respect the need for Sangoma to maintain a sustainable business model.
In my realm, less is more. Especially for eye-candy.

Don’t think that’s a feature in FreePBX. This is how you submit feature suggestions:

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