Removing Dynamic queue agent

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Please help me out. How can I remove a dynamic queue agent from a queue?


From that Agents phone dial *45
Or from any phone dial QUEUE** and then enter the agents number.
(Replace QUEUE with your queue number)


But I want to remove this Agent permanently from the queue on freepbx server in CLI or on WEBGUI.

Oh, in the WebGUI under Applications > Queues, select the Queue you want to remove the member from, under the agents tab remove that agent from the dynamic list.

Click submit, apply config.

If I select the extension, the system adds it automatically to the others in dynamic agent list. I can not remove it from the list, there is no valid option in this menu . Have you ever tried it?

Iā€™m afraid you are at a wrong section or you have a different PBX.

FreePBX does not add agents to the queue automatically.

Can you post a screenshot of the section you are trying to remove an agent?

I found the solution. I messed up it.

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