Remove HA and start using warm spare

I have HA configured on PBXact 13.0.66 I have 1200 extentsion 600 Voip and 600 analog
Im using Vega 3050 for analog gateways i would like to ise the module Vega but only is supported on PBXact 14. Also i know HA foe 14 is close to be released so, is there anyway i can stop / destroy the cluster without reinstalling everything.

Thank you

I’m not sure where you’re getting that HA for v14/SNG7 is close to being released. According to this FreePBX 14 and HA they are not near that at all.

Additionally, HA is something that was setup when the systems were installed. It was an option at the install screen when you ran the ISO on the systems. This does things at the server/kernel level so it’s installed. Disabling the module is just going to make it not work but it’s still there.

Since this is a PBXact and not FreePBX (i.e. PBXact is commercial) you may want to talk to Sangoma support directly to find out what the options are because FreePBX may be what PBXact is based on but PBXact != FreePBX when it comes down to it.

this is where i read about HA

To do this so you have continuous service, you would:

  • Put inactive node in standby
  • Reinstall PBX 13 - 64 bit on the inactive node without the HA install option
  • Make a backup of the active node
  • restore the backup on the newly installed system
  • upgrade the new system to 14

Assuming everything went fine, you change production over to the new 14 system and then start over with a new 14 install on the active node and create the warm spare sync.

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