Remote extension RTP traffic being sent back to wrong IP

Hi All,
I am using an external extension and I am running into an issue where my RTP traffic for a SIP call is being sent back to an unknown IP address. I have Nat configured correctly, when I auto detect my external IP it loads correctly. the SIP signalling port work to initiate the call but the BYE is being sent to the wrong IP as well. That IP is not even in the same subnet as our ISP has given us.
I ran a packet capture on our firewall and can see the initial ring in from my remote extension (cell phone sip client - not behind another NAT) The PBX acknowledges it and sends it back on port 5060 and the call is established. there is no audio on the call and the hangup doesn’t work, if left long enough it will timeout. For the RTP packets I can see that they are within the range set on the pbx but being sent to a totally different IP as the cell phone. I am not sure where the PBX is even getting this IP from.

Is there anything Specific I should check or am I doing something wrong? any ideas?

Nevermind… All I had to do was reboot the PBX Server. Started working immediately after.

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