Reload freepbx "asterisk"

I know it can sempbare trivial, but …:

with a command like I can restart Asterisk completely without rebooting the PC?

it seems to me: “/usr/sbin/rasterisk -x reload” I think that’s enough …

someone has a tip?

Depends on your version. This is what I typically do for 13:
asterisk -rx 'core stop now' fwconsole start

All the documentation and comments by the developers want everyone to use the “fwconsole” or “amportal” on previous versions.

I refer to the 13 …

Don’t do that. Use fwconsole restart


however I have found it convenient to use

fwconsole reload

reload just rehashes the config files with no interruption of service.

restart will restart asterisk which will interrupt service.

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I’m gonna guess that one of the programs that supposed to be shutting down during the stop is taking too long and blocking the start on the way back up.

At least, that’s what is was on my system.

Using fwconsole to start/stop/restart is the preferred method because it allows all of the pre/post hooks to run as well.