Reload error cannot touch ‘/etc/asterisk//etc/asterisk/extensions_custom_scripter.conf’: No such file or directory

I am getting an error every time I restart.
touch: cannot touch ‘/etc/asterisk//etc/asterisk/extensions_custom_scripter.conf’: No such file or directory
[ERROR] Error code 1: trying to create empty file /etc/asterisk/"/etc/asterisk/extensions_custom_scripter.conf"

We are having some issues with FOP2 and they say I need to clear this issue first.
If I try to manually go to the directory it is not finding it
-bash: cd: /etc/asterisk//etc/asterisk/: No such file or directory
I am assuming it is the double ‘//’ but I have no idea where to fix it.
We are runnig FreePBX and all updates are installed.
fwconsole chown runs with no errors

Please any help would be great. This is our first try to replace an old digital PBX and they are wanting it deployed but I will not if it is showing errors.

Does this file exist under /etc/asterisk?

Is this the official distro?

Yes the file is in /etc/asterisk/ and does have information in it. I also tried renaming it to see it the restart would create it and it doesn’t.

And yes it is the official distro. I have added FOP2, the Call Center bundle and iSymphoy to the server. Opted not to use Isympony.

So you have a path that is /etc/asterisk/etc/asterisk/extensions_custom_scripter.conf? Becuase you have /etc/asterisk twice. That’s going to a be a problem.

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That is where the issue is. It is in /etc/askerisk/
Any idea how I find where /etc/asterisk//etc/asterisk/ called from?

Thanks for the link Dicko. I had read that one and checked and I am running a new version of voicemail that they where talking about.
| core | | Enabled | GPLv3+ |
| voicemail | | Enabled | GPLv3+ |
| voicemail_report | 15.0.6 | Enabled | Commercial |

Do you think I need to down grade to the I would think that would cause even more problems

I hunted in all the config files and couldn’t find the /etc/asterisk//etc/asterisk/ any where.
As a test I created the folder /etc/asterisk/etc/asterisk/ and set a symbolic link to the config file and it seems to like it, no more error.

Not a great answer but maybe something that will work for now

In your config somewhere, you entered /etc/asterisk/extensions… as the file name. Since the extensions_custom_* files have to be in /etc/asterisk anyway, you’re doubling up the pathname.

I’d log into the server and start using ‘grep’ to find out where the path is getting set and then back the full pathname out through the GUI (so that future updates don’t mess you up).

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