Register Cisco Phones after SCCP Manager Install

Hey Guys quick question,

Was wondering if this is my issue. I have a separate DHCP and TFTP server that is not tied to asterisk. Do I need to add the DHCP and TFTP server to asterisk to utilize the SCCP Manager module. I am getting a not connected message from the phone I just added. Any help is much appreciated.
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Also noticed this error as well


I’m running SCCP phones on my Asterisk box with Freepbx. Have you compiled chan-sccp-b and installed it? If so, then all you need to do is tell you DHCP server to point option 150 to the tftp server that has configuration files for the SCCP phones. Option 66 is going to be used for your SIP phones.

This is where you can find more info regarding chan-sccp-b

Or if you want to use SIP go here:

Yes I have installed CHAN-SCCP and I am trying to register thru the freepbx GUI. I have changed the IP address to the phone server to register. I got it. Thank you very much

Don’t do that. It’s just awful. Chan-SCCP-B is a much better solution.

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Agreed, my phones are now fully functional where I was severely limited with SIP

I have been running Chan-sccp for over 10 years. I’m the one that created the original walk through on the pbx in a flash forum. :slight_smile:

I was just giving options…

The newer Cisco phones only run sip, but with the Cisco patches from usecallmanager, they work much better.

I wrote the Wiki for installing Chan-SCCP-B and SCCP Manager on FreePBX about that same time, so I’m with you. In fact, I wrote the original (FreePBX) SCCP Manager back in Asterisk 1.8 days (before the BMO Database conversion).

The Asterisk folks I’ve talked to lately want to stress that Cisco (especially 79xx) phones using the SIP Image should be outlawed. I support that position. They are, without exception, the hardest phone to configure and working reliably, and even once installed still don’t work as well as the phones in Skinny mode.

The Chan-SCCP-B (and SCCP Manager) are actively being maintained on GitHub and both support Cisco phone that are SIP-only now. That way, you don’t have to patch Asterisk, you just add the new channel driver and the use native phone load.

To be clear, I think we’re probably in violent agreement, but there are new features available for FreePBX users using these “available by the pound” phones.

Really? I have a 8841 that I thought i had to patch asterisk and use usecallmanager. I didn’t know that chan-sccp supported the sip phones as well. Maybe I should try that to get my cp-8831 to register. Because it doesn’t have 3rd party firmware, it is having difficulty trying to register to asterisk…

I’m also very curious. If someone could explain to me how a SCCP channel driver can service a phone with SIP firmware I’ll be glad to be amazed.

Maybe the idea is that the provisioning tool can manage the phone but it still uses the chan_sip or pjsip channel driver on Asterisk and the SIP (only) load on the phone?

Dietrich’s been adding (extending?) the SIP support in the driver. Also, the SCCP Manager requires chan-sccp-b to provision the phones.

I honestly haven’t closely at it (no SIP phones at 80 cents a pound) but the discussion forum has been talking about specific support for the SIP phones. I’m pretty sure it’s more about the CUCM-style support.

I have been neglecting my mailing list folder (it has over 200 unread messages…). Now that I have been downsided and then outsourced back to myself at my company. It’s a long story, I should catchup and start taking a look at all the chan-sccp cucm updates (upgrades?)

Thanks for the info David!

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