Redirect outbound calls to internal DID's?

Is it possible to redirect outbound calls that users make back into our DID’s

Currently I have an outbound rule to catch anyone dialing one of our DIDs 918-555-[123]XXX and playing a congestion message with a recording asking them to only dial the last 4 digits.

Is it possible to just prepend the 918-555 and only dial the last 4 internally?

I’m not sure how out I would make the call route internally rather than try and go out an outbound path.

Basically I’m trying to keep these calls from using up 2 concurrent call paths on the way out and back in.

One thing you can do is put each extension’s DID in its “SIP Alias” field - under the Advanced tab of the extension.

Then internally the extension can be reached at 1234 or 9185551234 (if you put those ten digits in the SIP Alias field).

or build a loop-back trunk , then match 918555[123]XXX in a preferred outbound route that only uses your loop-back trunk.

If you have a some comfort level with custom dialplan, you might wish to adapt/use this script.


This is one of the ways to do a loopback trunk/route as dicko suggested:

Now if I understood you properly you have the whole range of numbers starting with 918-555-[123]. If so I think that putting 918555 in the prefix and [123]XXX in the match pattern (where I put the DID in my example) would most likely work as the prefix would be removed when the number is dialled leaving only the extension.

Good luck and have a nice day!


Or how about this one-liner in [from-internal-custom]

exten => _918555[123]XXX,1,Goto(from-internal,${EXTEN:7},1)

Doing something like this will keep the call on the internal side of the dial plan. But I recognize you may want to engage the external side of the dial plan instead, so you’d use one of the other options. Anyway, here you have a lot of ideas about how to accomplish your goal.