Redirect call to an external number

Hi there,

I have a question for the follow-me.
Currently, I have activate the follow-me from a local extension to an external phone number.
This one is only half works.
The follow-me works when the call from a local extension to the local extension (and after the call is redirecting to the external phone number).
However when I call the external number of my local extension the follow-me to the external phone number is not working.

For the ring strategy I’ve tried : Ringall, ringallv2 and hunt.
For the external phone number I’ve tried : 0712345678 and +33712345678 (with the # at the end)

I hope you will understand my issue.

Thanks !

I suspect your termination provider is not allowing you to send the caller-id of the outside caller into their network. You need to use one of the provider’s numbers for the PBX as the caller-id on the outbound route to the external phone number.

I’ve found the solution. In follow-me parameters I set “Change External CID Configuration” to Use Dialed Number.
But now I had white communication between a external phone and my other external phone (whose get redirected).
I think the problem is coming from the CID. I see the CID of the internal phone who is redirecting call and not the number phone of the initial caller.

That is a common issue. On your inbound route, advanced tab, set “Force Answer” to yes and see if that fixes the issue.

Another method is to have a short recording of silence and use that in the announcement on the find me/follow me tab of the extension. That forces the trunk to answer prior to routing to the outbound number.

It works,

Thanks !

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