Redirect a FreePBX *72 with an intern trunk?

Hello together
We constructed a small VPBX hosting in Switzerland.
And now we have a masterprocessor (FreePBX 14.0.1) on which all trunkes of every provider, we support, come in.
Behind the masterprocessor we have sundry 3CX PBX which are sign in on the masterprocessor.
So there is a clienr of us who wants to redirect all his numbers or actually the trunk on his cellphone with *21 (FreePBX *72). Is it possible to redirect with *72 a intern trunk and if yes how?
Thx alredy for your answers

Hello @schuermann,

Can you please elaborate who will make the call forwarding and from which device?
A small diagram would be great.

Thank you,

Daniel Friedman
Trixton LTD.

Hi Daniel
Our Customer want to dial *72xxxxxxx# this number must go true the Trunk to Trunk connection from our 3cx Host XY to the FreePBX.
Now I hope that I can route the whole 3cx Host XY Trunk to the set Number.

I must make for our customer a Speed dial button on the phone but he wants also that he can dial to *72 to set his own call forwarding.
And I must make the call forwarding outside the 3CX host because when I made it on the 3CX Host I can just forward single extension but not the whole trunk over the short code.

Hello @schuermann,

So, let me describe your network as I understand it:

  1. you have an Asterisk server (Freepbx) that is connected to your providers (4 of them) and to your customers pbxs (3CX).
  2. You want to set a general call forwarding of every outbound call (from the 3CX to the Freepbx).

Please correct me if I am wrong so I can base my answer on that.

Thank you,

Daniel Friedman
Trixton LTD.

Your client wants to be able to have all calls that comes in on one of the 4 SIP trunks through the FPBX machine to his 3CX, to be forwarded to your client’s cell phone.

He wants to enable call forwarding for all of his 3CX extensions with one action, without having to do it​ for each extension.

Is that correct?

Hi all
1 thats corekt.
2 no
Most but I try to explain my problem a little bit more.
We have on each trunk that we became from our SIP Providers a minimum of four Channels. But now the most of Our Customers only need two sip Channels. So I made the FreePBX to split the Trunks from our Providers in to multiple Trunks whit just two sip Cannels.
This setup is working great for us.
But now when our customer (most just small offices or single worker) leave the office they want to forward his whole 3cx to a mobile phone
When I use an extension on the FreePBX I can dial *21xxxxxxxx# (swiss Call forwarding) this goes out to our Provider and set a call forwarding on the whole trunk which we us for multiple Customers and this is not good.
So I have tried to dial from 3cx to *72xxxxxxx# on the FreePBX and I get an message that the call forwarding is active to the number I insert. But when I now call the number from the customer it gets straight through the FreePBX to the 3cx and the call forwarding on the FreePBX won’t work.

So now my problem is that I can’t set an call forwarding on an 3CX Phone that is set in FreePBX and rout out all the numbers from one customer to an mobile phone.

Normal use:
Call from extern to number 041xx goes to the FreePBX and gets route out to one of the 3CX phone systems behind the FreePBX.

Out of Office use:
The Customer dials on his 3cx Phone *72079xx (or what even) and programs a call forwarding for his Trunk on the FreePBX.
The External call now comes to the FreePBX and get route out to a mobile Phone.

So now I hope I can explain my maybe “big” problem to you and I hope we can find a solution that work for me.

Hello @schuermann,

You can configure call flows (day/night mode) in the Freepbx that will be activated with a special feature code (generated automatically). The day mode would be one of your 3CX trunks and the night mode whould be a miscellaneous destination to one of your customer’s mobile phones. It will be easier for you to configure it the Freepbx GUI instead writing your own dialplan.

The usage is very simple (the customer is dialing *280 or what the GUI provides for you to switch it on or off):

default -> day mode: goes to one of your 3CX trunks.
*280 -> night mode: goes to the customer’s mobile phone directly.
*280 -> back to day mode.

Thank you,

Daniel Friedman
Trixton LTD.

this is working but just for misc numbers. Is there a solution to do this whit div numbers?
And is it possible to rout out the number from the caller and not the number from the trunk (if this is default enabled then it is a provider issue)?

Hello @schuermann,

I did not understand your questions.

This is good, but what is a misc number? please provide an example.

What are div numbers? please provide an example.

A misc destination should be configured as if you were dialing a regular internal call (with prefixes if you have it for example). What do you mean route the call from the caller? You asked an option to forward the call from the providers if the customer is not in the office (as you wrote in your previous post)

Can you share a small diagram of the call flow? e.g.

day mode: swisscom -> Freepbx -> 3CX

night mode: swisscom -> Freepbx -> customer's mobile

Thank you,

Daniel Friedman
Trixton LTD.

sorry i mean misc destinations

with div numbers i mean numbers that our customer i name it now John :slight_smile: can directly set up on his extension phone.

when i set the call flows to night and i call John (031533xx18) on the cellphone the call will show from 031533xx17 and not from the number that calls john

Trunk main number is: 031533xx17
Business A (John) external phone number: 031533xx18
Business B (Bob) external phone number: 031533yy19
some People number: 041444tttt

normal mode:
if some people calls John’s number they go to the FreePBX and gets route out to 3CX Host01
call to John: 041444tttt calls to 031533xxxx -> Swisscom -> FreePBX -> 3CX Host01 -> Extension 300

if some people calls Bob’s number they go to the FreePBX and gets route out to 3CX Host02
call to Bob: 041444tttt calls to 031533yyyy -> Swisscom -> FreePBX -> 3CX Host02 -> Ring group 500

Out of Office mode:

John can Dial some number on his phone and can set the Call Forwarding on his trunk to an number hi enter.
Extension 300 cals *21079504xxxx -> 3CX Host01 -> FreePBX FreePBX set the the Call Forward or Night mode.

if som people call John’s number they go to the FreePBX and gets route out to the number John insert whit *21…
call to John: 041444tttt calls to 031533xxxx -> Swisscom -> FreePBX -> 079504xxxx

call to Bob: 041444tttt calls to 031533yyyy -> Swisscom -> FreePBX -> 3CX Host02 -> Ring group 500

Hello @schuermann,

What you want to achieve would have to be written manually as this is a customized dial plan. It is not so complicated but it takes a deep knowledge in the Asterisk dialplan and especially in the Freepbx framework.

What I suggest to make your life easier is to set fixed miscellaneous destinations for your customers and set a call flow for every miscellaneous destination. That way you would be able to give your customers only the codes to their specific call flows (day/night mode).

The users will be able to dial the special code from the 3CX (*280 for example) that would be routed to the Freepbx and will change the day/night mode accordingly.

If your customers will want to change the day/night mode from their mobile phone, you can set an inbound route identified by their caller id to another miscellaneous destinations of the same feature code (*280 for example) that would change the day/night mode accordingly.

You can always change the destination of the miscellaneous destinations objects if needed.

As for your question regarding the original caller id that is not passing to the night mode destinations:

  1. I would have verify that there is no caller id setting on the sip trunks or the outbound routes in the Freepbx.

  2. It can be a matter that relates to the telephony operators (Swisscom, Sipgate etc.). Usually they are not passing a caller id that does not belong to you because of billing issues. Unless you have a special arrangement with them they will usually manipulate the original caller id to your main number of the SIP trunk.

Thank you,

Daniel Friedman
Trixton LTD.