Redirect 7 digit outbound calls to their internal 4 digit self

Whats the easiest way to strip the leading numbers off when someone dials the full number instead of its last 4 digits?
I’ve got an office where at times the users there will 7 digit to call another extension instead of 4 digit. The call goes out the VoIP trunk and comes right back in, but this costs me money needlessly, but I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around how to correct this easily. Monday morning fog I think.

Use an outbound route that specifies the numbers for your local extensions and “strip” them down to their actual extension numbers. Trunk them back to your PBX.

Also, look around here for “loopback trunk” (IIRC) and implement some of the suggestions there.

Loopback trunk. good tip, i’ll give it a look see. Thanks!


This is what a loopback trunk (and loopback route) typically looks like…

It sounds to me that instead of putting the whole number in the match pattern like it is usually done you would put the first 3 numbers in the prefix and the rest in the match pattern…

(Digits in the prefix are removed after the prefix + match pattern match the phone number you called…)

Good luck and have a nice day!


Thanks Marbled and everyone! The loopback trunk was exactly what I needed!