Recording OutBound fails

Hi all. I’m new here, although I’ve been reading the forum for a while. I have official registration and acquired the call center package. Everything has been working correctly until a few days ago, and after 5 months without errors, the outgoing calls have stopped recording. I have all the extensions, the trunks, the queues, and the ountbound routes configured as “force” recordings. And as I say, the incoming call record them perfectly. At the moment I have enabled the recording on demand with * 1 but the human factor worries me.

Any suggestion are welcome?¿.

Can you get a call log?

New Data to this.


If you change:

exten => out,n,GosubIf($["${REC_POLICY_MODE}"=“always”]?record,1(exten,${ARG2},${FROMEXTEN}))


exten => out,n,GosubIf($["${REC_POLICY_MODE}"=“force”]?record,1(exten,${ARG2},${FROMEXTEN}))

The pbx start to record all the outbound calls, and even, you can see the wav at cdr report. But in CEL module report, records doesn’t appears.

Any suggestion?¿

I remove cel module, and install from begin with the same result.

That’s not a good idea to manually change that.

Can revert the changes and Post a call trace? So we can try to help you find what’s wrong. (Assuming you haven’t messed with any other parts of the dialplan)

You’re right.

Sorry for that, but an installation of vtiger connector to asterisk/freepbx did the job. I commented the lines that were created by the installation procedure:

#exten => out,1,ExecIf($["${REC_POLICY_MODE}"=""]?Set(__REC_POLICY_MODE=${DB(AMPUSER/${FROMEXTEN}/recording/out/external)}))
#exten => out,n,GosubIf($["${REC_POLICY_MODE}"=“always”]?record,1(exten,${ARG2},${FROMEXTEN}))
#exten => out,n,Return()

And then the calls returns to normality.

So, I close the post. Thanks too all

It probably wasn’t a good idea to override whatever this override code is doing in the first place.

The extensions_override_freepbx.conf file is entirely User owned, so whatever it’s doing is there because the original installer decided it was a good idea.

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