Recording Missing in GUI


Hope you all will be fine. I am seeing Recording Missing in call recording menu although recording is present in monitor folder.

i did found a thread which posted a solution but no luck still same issue.

in the directory /var/www/html/modules/monitoring/libs y edit paloSantoMonitoring.class.php

search for "private function _rutaAbsolutaGrabacion($file)"
and change:



$basedir = ‘/var/spool/asterisk/monitor/’;

and now looks like:

private function _rutaAbsolutaGrabacion($file)
$basedir = ‘/var/spool/asterisk/monitor/’;

Restart http server and the recordings working good in the web admin

Please Help !

Without things like logs or even which version of FreePBX you are using (of if you are using FreePBX), it’s going to be a guessing game.

It was an old thread and is clearly the wrong way to go now. The setting of DEFAULT_ASTERISK_RECORDING_BASEDIR should be set correctly in one of the config files.

The new location for recordings has changed to include a directory structure that includes “year/month/day” to reduce the number of recordings in the base directory. This avoids problems with running out of inodes in the directory structures as well as making searches faster.

Try looking at the source of the webpage to see what the value of the DEFAULT… variable is. That might help you understand where your script is losing it.

Bro i have only queues and recording are saving at the extension end and at the inbound route.
I have all the call records listed in /var/spool/asterisk/monitor directory but at GUI call recording reporting some are present and some are missing as in Picture. It was working fine a month ago but now i don’t know what happened. My version is Elastix 2.5.0

Images :
Images :
Images :
Images :
Images :

So this is essentially 3rd party code unrelated to FreePBX. Something the elastix team wrote.
With recent events you are unlikely to find any elastix developers. The best advice would be to migrate to a supported platform that wasn’t swiped up and discontinued for access to their user list.

Thanks @jfinstrom Bro. Ok fine but my next question is about FreePBX.
My recordings are saving at the both end like at queue and extension in the call reports. but according to my setup i have saved call recordings at the inbound route and at the extension i don’t know why it is saving at both end. do you have any solution. i will be thankful

Recording was completely rewritten in 12 or 13 It would be completely different now. Any problems you are having would have been resolved years ago

You can see this Picture. i mean my call recordings are saving at extension end like 8001 and also at 1001 queue end. so that i have two recording for 1 number. one at the queue and second at the extension.i only need recordings to be save at the extension like q-8001-1234567-20170829-100531-1503983077.1721.wav but not like q-1001-1234567-20170829-100531-1503983077.1721.wav

Asterisk (Ver. 11.25.0)