Reality Check: FreePBX for external VM service

Hello FPBX world,
I manage a TDM switch for a hospital.
We want to add an additional VM service for special messages.

Would this work:
Patch SLI (POTS) extensions (on a roll-over number) into FreePBX via FXO interfaces.
Collect VM messages to multiple FreePBX extensions.
Provide client access to the FreePBX VM messages via LAN web interface.

I have the hardware for this and have latest FPBX distro up and running.
I just would like a reality check verification before I invest more time in the setup.

Any recommendations are appreciated.


Can’t speak on your POTS and FXO setup, but I am curious what you mean by “Provide client access to the FreePBX VM messages via LAN web interface.
Are you giving access to the built in FreePBX GUI? Admin or UCP?
Or are you building out a custom Web interface to access this?

FreePBX allows for emailed VMs. Just set the email in the extension, and set file attachments to YES. Not sure if this fits your use case, but if you’re just trying to get voicemails to certian people, I think this is your easiest option.

You could also use the Asterisk IMAP support and store all VMs directly in an email mailbox and have filters to route the voicemails accordingly.

You can also go really wacky and use a combo of all this and the FreePBX API along with some custom code to store VMs in a totally different location, run scripts on them, etc. (I do this, see post here.)

Lots of options once you get calls routed to the PBX.

You should make sure your solution supports disconnect supervision, from the TDM switch, otherwise you will be totally reliant on the voicemail application to clear the call.