RAID drivers on new install

We are trying to install the latest ISO onto two brand new Dell R350 servers which have PERC H355 RAID adapters.

The installer (auto and advanced) does not pick up the RAID card so we are stuck at the first hurdle.

We also can’t find any way to inject drivers during the boot process

Can anyone advise on how to get past this please?

Many Thanks

Anyone out there with any suggestions on how we can move forward with this?

The RAID options on the advanced installation options are for ‘software RAID’ on the distro. You may want to go that route.

Thank you

Problem with this is that with no drivers loaded for the currently installed SAS card then I don’t see anything to set up. With it being a brand new rack mount server there are no other options to remove and detect the drives in any other way.

By loading Ubuntu onto the server (which works fine) I now know I need to get the megaraid sas driver package loaded. I am currently experimenting with inst.dd at the grub level to try and have the drivers loaded off of a usb drive during the kernel load. Assuming the Sangoma re-package hasn’t customised things so far that it doesn’t allow these workarounds to take effect.

Not what I was expecting to be having to do but linux never has been straight forward.

Is this a feasible option or am I wasting my time?

You should be able to get to a console during the graphical instalation and load the kernel module so the GUI can detect the HBA card.

tty1-4 should be available on alt F1-F4, then it’s a linux thing.

This is starting to get a bit beyond my limited linux knowledge. Another day lost at this.

I don’t think I have the correct drivers. inst.dd at grub doesn’t work. OEMDRV as per some other guides doesn’t work. I can jump out to the terminal once the installer fails with no drives but I don’t know what to do about loading kernel modules and if I did how do I then kick off the installer again?

I have found what I thought to be the correct rpm on elrepo. Burnt that to removable drive as well as CDROM but no joy.

After booting back into Ubuntu again (which works) I definitely know I need drivers for;

RAID bus controller [0104]: Broadcom / LSI MegaRAID 12GSAS/PCIe Secure SAS38xx [1000:10e6]

Any further help would be greatly appreciated - I really need to get this install moving.

Seeing that the latest FreePBX ISO is based on CentOS 7.8.2003 I downloaded CentOS 7.8.2003 and ran that as a test to see where the problem might lie.

CentOS picks up the card fine.

The issue is now pointing towards the FreePBX ISO and how that has been put together.

Is anyone from Sangoma (or anyone at all) able to assist or advise or do we call it quits on this platform (we were hoping to progress onto PBXact)?

Just wondering if anyone else might be able to assist with this as I’m still unable to find a solution.

Attempts made so far is to CTRL+C at the initial boot menu of the ISO, edit GRUB and adding in inst.dd. This addition forces the kernel to prompt for a driver pack before the OS loads. However none of the driver packs work, none direct from Dell, the SAS card manufacturer and some opensource packs.

What’s still niggling me is that when I installed CentOS on it’s own, the exact same version that Sangoma ISO is built on it recognises the card fine without the need for driver packs suggesting that the kernel has been modified in some way perhaps resulting in the driver packs not being recognised.

I am hesitant at having to install driver packs as there is then a risk that when the OS gets updated over time these custom drivers then stop working resulting in a bricked system

I’m now completely stuck, hopefully someone can help!

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