Queues - How to get desired behavior

I have a call queue setup and working properly with the least recent ring strategy, all agents are dynamic.

The issue I’ve run into is that agents will not logout when they step away from their phones, and they therefore miss calls periodically. When that happens the call goes to voicemail.

Is there a way to get the call to ring the other agents who are logged in rather than going to voicemail?

I thought that could be accomplished by setting the retry value to 2 seconds under Timing & Agent Options, but it’s not ringing the other agents.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? I am open to changing the ring strategy if needed.

Thanks for your help!

The least recent ring strategy will only call the agent who least recently answered a call. Its dumb but its the logic built in Asterisk

Is there a ring strategy that will allow for it to ring one agent and then spread out to others if the call isn’t answered? Would round robin or random do that? The documentation isn’t entirely clear.

Just as a follow up, I’ve figured out the issue, using RRMEMORY, agent timeout of 15 seconds, calls now moved among agents when they are not answered.

Hopefully this will be useful to someone else.

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