Queue with agents sharing one device

currently I have one queue running and several dynamic agents.
Each agent has it’s own device and when ready to accept calls, he logs into queue with that extension.

Now, we are hiring more agents and they will work in shifts keeping the same number of devices. What I want to accomplish is that each agent has it’s own number to log in to queue from particular device. So, one device would be used by two agents working in two shifts.

I’ve tried with virtual extensions: each agent has its own virtual extension used for log in to queue. Virtual extensions have enabled FollowMe to particular device, ie. extension. For example:

John and Mike works in shifts on a device with extension 1000.
John - virtual extension 2222
Mike - virtual extension 3333

Both virtual extensions 2222 and 3333 are set to forward calls to extension 1000. When any of the agents logs to queue with the virtual extension incoming calls are being routed to extension 1000. This way I can track incoming calls for each agent tracking their virtual extensions.

This design doesn’t work very well (or I didn’t done configuration properly). State of the virtual extension is not very accurate so quite often I got situation where queue is full but calls aren’t forwarded to agents.
Now I have agents logged in with the extension number of the device where they are sitting, and I’m unable to track each agent calls separately.

The next step would be switching PBX to work in User&Device mode, reading about that option I think that could be a solution. Only problem might be the lack of support from commercial modules, for example Queue Reports (Formerly QXact Reports).

Any suggestion, advice or hint would be appreciated. Thanks :wink: