Queue Stats (Queue Wallboard)


Wow! Just stumbled across this gem! Looks very nice for wallboards and supervisors. Thanks for developing this guys!

I see there’s already documentation for this.

When will this module be available?

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Does anybody knows release date for this Module thank you

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Patience is a virtue most of us lack. It’s coming soon for Beta.

Hi Tony,
Im asking because im looking to get somthing but since you guys are coming out with this i rather give a try this before i make decision

Thank you.

No problem. Was just trying to have some humor after a long day. It’s coming in Beta very soon.

Is this would be commercial module or free module thank you

Commercial module.

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Hi Tony,
I see now the Queue Stats it is install on the FreePBX but when i login to portal.sangoma.com i dont see where to get the license thank you for your help.

It is not available yet.

Thank you for update

Patience is definitely not one of my virtues!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Any closer to an official release? How did you get the dashboard in UCP @comtech? I see it listed and installed in the module admin page but it doesnt show in usermanager under UCP as something I can add group permissions to… yet it shows in add widget as a catergory but nothing actually listed inside :frowning:

Stange how it is already installed on my system as I dont have anything turned on for Beta …

I did not get the dashboard in UCP. I noticed the wiki, tried to install, and had the same result as you. We are also eagerly waiting. I am hoping the solution comes soon as our budget cycle is about to hit. Looks like its going to be a big help.

Now if there was a GUI based way to add reason codes for pause in FreePBX we would be set on the queues front. :slight_smile:

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@lgaetz any update on this yet? I am trying to wait patiently. The thing is that i have it installed on my system and it is listed as stable.

Yet obviously it comes up as Not licensed when I select it under the reports menu and it is not available to purchase.


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Hi - Any updates as to release date? I have a large project on hold that requires this functionality.


Hi Guys,
We work through some changes to a separate module, to ensure compatibility with this new module. Once released, we will be sure to let people know.

This is now available in the store as Beta for customers.


Is there a link to pricing. We are eager to get going with this. Thanks Tony and team for developing!

It’s on the store and shows pricing.

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IMO: The current price it shows in the store - a 1 year licence (still in Beta) is way to overpriced.

A wish you guys would offer a deal like Zulu (2 user limited time free trial)