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Queue Stats (Queue Wallboard)


Wow! Just stumbled across this gem! Looks very nice for wallboards and supervisors. Thanks for developing this guys!

Native Operator Panel
(Itzik) #2

I see there’s already documentation for this.

When will this module be available?

(Tony B) #3

Does anybody knows release date for this Module thank you

(Tony Lewis) #4

Patience is a virtue most of us lack. It’s coming soon for Beta.

(Tony B) #5

Hi Tony,
Im asking because im looking to get somthing but since you guys are coming out with this i rather give a try this before i make decision

Thank you.

(Tony Lewis) #6

No problem. Was just trying to have some humor after a long day. It’s coming in Beta very soon.

(Tony B) #7

Is this would be commercial module or free module thank you

(Tony Lewis) #8

Commercial module.

(Tony B) #9

Hi Tony,
I see now the Queue Stats it is install on the FreePBX but when i login to i dont see where to get the license thank you for your help.

(Lorne Gaetz) #10

It is not available yet.

(Tony B) #11

Thank you for update

(Kevin Murphy) #12

Patience is definitely not one of my virtues!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Any closer to an official release? How did you get the dashboard in UCP @comtech? I see it listed and installed in the module admin page but it doesnt show in usermanager under UCP as something I can add group permissions to… yet it shows in add widget as a catergory but nothing actually listed inside :frowning:

Stange how it is already installed on my system as I dont have anything turned on for Beta …


I did not get the dashboard in UCP. I noticed the wiki, tried to install, and had the same result as you. We are also eagerly waiting. I am hoping the solution comes soon as our budget cycle is about to hit. Looks like its going to be a big help.

Now if there was a GUI based way to add reason codes for pause in FreePBX we would be set on the queues front. :slight_smile:

(Kevin Murphy) #14

@lgaetz any update on this yet? I am trying to wait patiently. The thing is that i have it installed on my system and it is listed as stable.

Yet obviously it comes up as Not licensed when I select it under the reports menu and it is not available to purchase.


(A Avigdor) #15

Hi - Any updates as to release date? I have a large project on hold that requires this functionality.

(Bryan Walters) #16

Hi Guys,
We work through some changes to a separate module, to ensure compatibility with this new module. Once released, we will be sure to let people know.

(Tony Lewis) #17

This is now available in the store as Beta for customers.


Is there a link to pricing. We are eager to get going with this. Thanks Tony and team for developing!

(Tony Lewis) #19

It’s on the store and shows pricing.

(Itzik) #20

IMO: The current price it shows in the store - a 1 year licence (still in Beta) is way to overpriced.

A wish you guys would offer a deal like Zulu (2 user limited time free trial)