Queue outbound Caller ID number

Hi All, is there a way we can set-up outbound caller ID number in Queue. The thing I want is when agent is logged in queue and make outbound call, this number 123456789 should appear as outbound caller ID. And when agent is logged out and he make outbound call, extension “Outbound CID” should appear. Please advise.

You don’t make calls from a queue, so that’s going to be part of the problem. A queue is inbound only, so there’s no Caller ID for the agent.

I’m working on a program that sets the extension caller ID when an outbound CSR is assigned to a calling effort, but that’s not what you’re asking for.

Oh, so that mean at this time whether agent is logged in or not, when they will call out extension CID, Outbound Route CID or Trunk CID can be set, no other way?

Right. There are at least five Caller ID sources:

  • Application CID (if your application supports it)
  • Extension CID
  • Outbound Route CID
  • Trunk CID
  • Provider CID

The one you end up using will depend on the settings and who decides “last”. With DAHDI channels, for example, you don’t even get a vote. Some providers will allow you to set your CID, but then override it or block it if it doesn’t agree with their CID policy. The receiving station/provider can also override and ignore your CID settings.

No native support for anything like this. You would need a dialplan hook to look at the extension’s queue agent status and alter CID on the fly.

lorne14-pro*CLI> core show function QUEUE_MEMBER_LIST

  -= Info about function 'QUEUE_MEMBER_LIST' =-

Returns a list of interfaces on a queue.

Returns a comma-separated list of members associated with the specified


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