Queue only fails to failover location

Hello, everybody,

I’ve been working on completing my FreePBX installation for a few hours now.
Currently I have packed it so far that it arrives directly at my end device without the queue.

However, if I have switched on the queue, the call does not go to my end devices, but directly to my mailbox, which I have configured as failover.

My queue configuration is as follows:

Queue Agents:
Static Agents: 100,0 and 101,0

If you need more configuration points, please let me know.

Regards from Germany


Maybe I should write something about it:

I would like to use my phone number from sipgate basic for this. Unfortunately, it is also not possible to call out, since there is supposedly no free line. According to Sipgate Basic FreePBS is also not supported, but is possible.

Maybe someone else has some experience and it’s the same problem.

Provide a call trace, it should say why extensions are not ringing:

Hi Igaetz,

thank you very much for feedback.
Unfortunately no call is listed - but I can speak to the voicemail.

I am a little bit confused - maybe I have to reinstall the system


Please post your call log extract for a failed call.

Something about your description is not adding up, but we don’t have anything to go on or that we can help you with.

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