Queue Name

Can someone tell me where I can read the Queue Name from.


We are using the Asterisk Management Interface on port 5038. We can get most of the queue information using ‘QueueStatus’ but the queue name isn’t a part of the result. I’ve been told that FreePBX saves this in a database so is there anyway of retriveing this and matching it with the Queue Number?


From Asterisk point of view, there is only the queue number. In FreePBX we have a description field. You can retrieve this from the queues_config table:

mysql> select extension, descr from queues_config;
| extension | descr              |
| 9325      | Some Queue         |
| 2499      | Support-Q          |
| 9326      | Another-Q          |
| 9327      | FreePBX-Q          |
| 9328      | Just a Name        |

Thanks for the prompt reply. The information I forgot to mention is that I’m trying to read the Queue Name via the management interface.

Well, you have to be more specific, which management interface?

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