Queue Members "Delayed" during a Call


I need to set up for an incoming DID a special behavior: when a call arrives, it should enter a queue X with 4 static members, let’s say extensions A, B, C, D. After 15 seconds, a fifth extension (member/extension E) should start ringing together with the first 4.

The only way I can find to achieve this is to:
1- set a Follow Me on one of the members’ extensions with Initial Ring Time set to 15sec, or
2- set a Queue1 , with members A, B, C, D and Max Wait Time 15sec, specifying as a Failover destination a Queue2, with members A, B, C, D,E and Max Wait Time unlimited.

The first solution seems to be more “light” to me, but since the extensions A B C D are members of more queues and only one queue needs the extension E to start ringing after 15 seconds, the first solution does not fit the needs.

Is there a better way to achieve the goal?
I hope that my explanation is clear enough, and that the title of the post is fine.

Thank you to anyone who will answer.
Kind regards

Personally I wouldn’t want queue calls to follow follow me rules, every ones situation is different. We have users within queues but only want directed calls to move to their cells phones.

I think the best option is 2, have queue 1 failover to queue 2.

I have some similar setups and I just failover to a 2nd queue. Works perfectly fine.

Thanks to all, I will use the configuration with Queue1 failover to Queue2.

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