Queue Magic

I want to do some thing that not sure is entirely possible. We’re a small outdoor power equipment dealer with eight employees, four of which who answer the phones. The problem being is that we get slammed during the spring time with phone calls and walk ins. So the employees who answer the phone aren’t always available to answer it and chances are they’ll forget to log in/out of the queue or hit DND.

What I would like to do is roll all the incoming calls (3 channels) into one queue. However I want to have only one agent on the phone dealing with the calls in the queue. Once that agent is finished then the next call in the queue can ring all the phones until someone picks up. That way the others can call out if they need to or assist customers in our store.

I’ve got everything else working like a charm but I not sure how to go about handling the calls in queue.

Totally spit-balling:

  • Create a ring group
  • Create extension of type custom with dial string of local/[email protected] where xxx is ring group
  • add just the custom extension as a queue agent
  • Play with various timeout settings to ensure call stays in queue on no answer.

Thank you! Works like a charm.

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