Queue issues with dynamic hints

Having an issue with a queue. The issue seems to be similar to this thread, which went unanswered, and I didn’t want to start up a thread that’s over a year old.


After disabling the dynamically generated hints, the queue works correctly. We get the warning on the FreePBX status suggesting we turn this back on, but then the queues stop working.

Currently using Asterisk, FreePBX, deviceanduser mode.



After some more digging around, I also have:


Which doesn’t seem to be an issue with 1.8, and the latter only affects 1.4

Have also made sure that execincludes=yes is uncommented in asterisk.conf, which seems to be needed for DYNAMICHINTS=TRUE.

Reloading asterisk after setting dynamichints-false immediately allows existing calls in queues to go to agents.

Anything else to look for?