Queue Callback, unknown CID

When utilizing the queue callback, the caller is put back into the queue but the ringing phones show “unknown” instead of the called number or other CID info. Is this expected behavior? Is there any way to make it at least show the number that was dialed instead?

Thank you.

Also, I set all the announcements in the queue callback to “default” and I set the the breakout IVR to queue callback and set the “frequency” to 15 seconds. I expected to hear a default prompt like “press 1 to be called back when you are 1st in line”. But that didn’t happen. No message seems to be played back every 15 seconds, but I can press 1 and get a callback (and the rest of the prompts play fine). I called in on two phones so that I could see what would happen as the 2nd caller. Still didn’t play the message. So I guess I’d like to add that to my question.