Queue Agents

Hi Team,
I have installed FreePBX 12.7.4-1712-2.sng7
I have create 2 Queues 8897 and 8894 I have 2 groups of peoples who they change location everyday they need to be able to login to the queue as them from different extension as queue Agent

thank you in advance

Hotdesking is something that can be done on Sangoma phones via the phone apps.

Another option…
You might be able to accomplish something similar by switching the system to device and user mode.

Thank you for the respond
I was looking on those 2 option i wans thinking other way like both location will have 2 different extentions and me as agent i can loging to a queue as me from any location

Are both locations on the same FreePBX? If yes, then the above would be viable ways to accomplish what I think you are asking.

Yes both on freepbx but i have stupid user so i have to make it easy

You can easily log extensions in and out of queues as dynamic agents. There are feature codes you can use as described in the Agent Login section on this page. If your phone supports the Phone Apps, the Queue Agent App makes this as easy as it gets.

Thank you
The phones i will be using they are Yealink T48S
So if i gave them 8885 ext and they go to a phone which has a 8808 i can just call *45*8885 and u will be loged in to the queue ?

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