Questions about FreePBX


I have a few questions about FreePBX, Fax server module.

  1. Is Freepbx supports T.38 protocol?
  2. Is Freepbx (Fax server) has a fax archive? Where is it?
  3. Can I transmission Fax using the phone system to another system user Email Box?

Thanks for answer.

Best regards.

To enable fax archiving you will want to utilize the FAX Pro module.

Send to e-mail is free or utilize the FAX Pro module.

If you have the email configured, the receiving and detection of the fax is pretty easy and is done in “inbound route” settings in like 1 click. T.38 is supported by Asterisk, but not all (if any) SiP providers do support it. In probably 90% cases, Fax can be detected and received by the FreePBX Asterisk without T.38 support, but it is available as a check mark in the FreePBX settings. Archiving however, is not easy to do without Fax-Pro module.

If you plan sending faxes from a Fax machine with ATA adapter, you can and I had that in our office for a while, but now we use FAX-Pro module which is way better way as it allows send faxes via User Control Panel right from their computer. We have actually sfax machine at this point.

Just use Avantfax gui, it does all the things that you want and it is free, just a little bit of hassle to install.