Question about chan_dongle


I have a question concerning a setup that I have made with a RASPBX and a Dongle (Huawei E1750) with a SIM card. The goal is to reach the RASPBX via the dongle (GSM) and to have multiple incoming calls entering the Queue.

I have configured the Freepbx as follow:

  • 2 SIP hardphones
  • Queue (with the two SIP phones as static in the Queue)
  • Inbound route (Mobile/GSM number) going to the Queue

The issue is that when I call the queue and I am online with SIP phone A, I cannot reach the other SIP phone B.

Can someone help me ??

Someone ?

you will need to find a dongle that has more than one sim card, one sim = one call at once

OK. I thought that you can have multiple channels with a one-simCard dongle ?? Because you can out on hold etc…

Sorry, it doesn’t work that way.