Provisioning Cisco 525g2

Hoping someone can help, I’m in the process of trying to drop my cloud PBX service for FreePBX. Basically, big office, need phones, but don’t need a line for everyone of the phones. I have a mixed bag of phones, but have a Cisco SPA525G2 that hasn’t been provisioned yet so I’m stuck testing/building with it. I have FreePBX setup with extension, and trunk line, etc, and all appears to be good to go. However, when I try to provision this phone, nothing seems to work. I’ve factory reset it, and pointed the Profile to //$MA.xml and no luck (http and tftp). I’ve also tried a few other variations including mac address, but no luck as well as TFTP versus HTTP. I’m using EndPoint Manager, but for whatever reason it doesn’t see my wireless phone either. Am I missing something? Thanks.