Provision polycom IP335

I’m running FreePBX ‘VoIP Server’. It’s a brand new installation on a VM. I’ve purchased the EPM to provision some Polycom IP 335 phones. The phones have been factory reset. However, none of the phones are able to connect. I get message on the phone saying “could not contact boot server using existing config / Error, application is not present”. Please help…

I’m sure you followed the documentation, but you’ll need to tell us more how you are trying to provision your phones?

  1. Starting from the beginning, I’ve added two options (66 & 160) to my DHCP server scope.
    Option 66: ftp://PlcmSplp:[email protected]ip:my_freepbx_srv
    Option 160: ftp://PlcmSplp:[email protected]ip:my_freepbx_srv
    (This setup is suggested on the Polycom users support site)
  2. Created a template for the Polycom IP335
  3. Created an extension map with the template
  4. Create the ftp username and password based on the DHCP option profile on step #1 (PlcmSplp:PlcmSplp)
  5. Factory reset my Polycom IP335 phones
  6. Reboot the phone
    After all that, the got an error message on the phone “can not connect to the server…”
    I tried manually putting the server ip address into the phone configuration. It yielded no better result.
    I manually configured the phone to use the public provision server from Polycom and upgrade the firmware successfully. The public server uses HTTP for protocol instead of ftp. That’s where I’m at with this problem. Can I provision Polycom phones with this EPM?

We use http://pbxip:83 works fine.

Also, IIRC we only managed to make it work with tftp when we used tftp://pbxip:69

(Make sure you use the ports configured in your PBX, it’s probable different then mine :slight_smile: )


I configured the template based on your suggestion (see the screenshot).
I’m cautiously optimistic of the EPM is working with this configuration. I’ve reset the phone again. But this time, the phone shows “running unknown” instead of the default “” at reboot. I changed the secret on the extension to make sure the old configurations will fail. The phone registered with the server with the changed secret. I should say the EPM is working. Why the message “running unknown” instead of something more intelligible, say…running EPM apps or something.

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