Programming the Message (Voice Mail) Key on Snom 821

I have configured some of my phones to share a common voicemail box, and this is working fine. When voicemail is received, the message light illuminates on all of the phones with a shared voicemail box.

I have programmed the message button on extension 234 to dial *98237 in an attempt to have it automatically dial the voicemail box for extension 237. However, when the button is pressed, the prompt asks for the mailbox number. So that it appears that the button is dialing *98 rather than *98237.

Do I need to insert any special sequence between *98 and 237 to have this function operate correctly on Snom 821 phones?

If I recall correctly, when you dial a mailbox that is not the one belonging to your extension, you always get the prompt to enter the password, but I might be wrong.

I understand that I will always be prompted to enter the password. But I am getting prompted for BOTH the extension AND the password.

That is because you are dialling *98. That feature code is used to access any voicemail on the system, not the specific voicemail assigned to your extension. That is why you get prompted to enter voicemail extension and password.
To access your own assigned voicemail you would dial *97.

I’ve tested on FreePBX versions 13 and 14, and in both cases you are only challenged for the PIN, not the mailbox.

Thanks, Lorne.

This was a weird one. I now understand what went wrong. Before changing all the phones globally, I wanted to test this on one phone. So I manually programmed the message key using the web interface for the phone, and before I got a chance to test it, the Endpoint Manager automatically reprovisioned the phone, as it should every 24 hours. So I was actually sending *97 rather than *98237. When I reprogrammed the key, and then immediately test it, it worked correctly.

Now that I know that it works, what I want to do is program this automatically on all the phones using the Endpoint Manager, as suggested in Shared Voicemail Boxes .

On the Snom 821, the basefile contains <dkey_retrieve perm="">speed *97</dkey_retrieve>, so it looks like I need to change it to <dkey_retrieve perm="">speed __voicemailExt__</dkey_retrieve> .

Unfortunately, I just tried the above, and it does not work. After programming the message key to “speed __voicemailExt__” the message key does nothing at all, and the web interface for the phone shows it has no value programmed into it. Omitting the “speed” has the same effect.

Any other way to get this key correctly programmed on Snom phones?


should work instead.

Thanks for the suggestion, Dave. It made perfect sense.

Unfortunately, it does not work. The phone dials *98 but omits the extension, so the user is prompted to enter the extension.

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