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I have one voicemail box that I would like to share across many extensions, with S500 endpoints. I’ve created a virtual extension with VM, and have set the mailbox to the virtual extension voicemail mailbox for each extension.

The MWI works, the BLF I’ve created works, the only thing that does not work is the physical voicemail hard button on the phone. it lights and flashes correctly, but just dials *97, which does not work since the extensions do not have their voicemail is setup.

can I reprogram the hard button for vm? to *98###? or is there another option?

I use Yealinks but here is the basics of how I do it.

This is Ext 1177. I set it’s mailbox to the shared voicemail box. I then set the Voicemail extension to the *98####

I then modify the basefile to voice_mail.number.1 = __voicemailExt__ so it pulls the *981170 from the voicemail extension field in the extension settings and puts it in the basefile. Now you can have multiple shared voicemails even within the same company and template.


Note that the current edge version of Phone Apps allows you to check multiple vm boxes with the Visual Voicemail App. You manage Visual VM access permissions in User Management.


This is it! Worked perfectly, thanks!

For anyone else looking, the line item for the Sangoma phones is P33:

MWI and VM hard button working with a shared VM box + Sangoma Phones

Mailbox ####@device (your shared VM)
Voicemail Extension *98#### (your shared VM)

Endpoint Manager>Basefile Edit>Sangoma>S### (your Sangoma phone type)
<P33>__voicemail__</P33> # Voice Mail UserID(UserID for voice mail system)
Changed to
<P33>__voicemailExt__</P33> # Voice Mail UserID(UserID for voice mail system)


Just thinking . . . which I have been told to stop doing that

Couldn’t you just use pjsip for the ext and have 1 mailbox shared on all the phones set to that 1 ext?

Its a good idea, and one we initially considered, but ultimately the business needs and requirements dictated that we needed more than one extension for these type of workers.

Question: On extension 1177 is Voicemail enabled or disabled?

I have a user that wants two extensions but callers should reach just one mailbox.
101 - Primary (Voicemail)
102 - Secondary

With your setup it will monitor the 101 voicemail box, but what happens when i call 102 and Voicemail is enabled, which mailbox will answer?


EDIT: I just tested by adding [email protected] in advanced settings with Voicemail enabled, and VM 102 answered.
So the right way to accomplish this is by setting on ext 102 in advanced settings “No Answer” “Busy” “Not reachable” to Voicemail > 101 ?

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1177 has its voicemail disabled because it has no way to check its own voicemail now in my example.

If you are able to call 102 directly and want to leave a voicemail on the general box when calling 102 then you will want to set the optional destinations to point to the shared voicemail box:

I have set it up where a shared voicemail is just a BLF button *981170 for example while the extension itself has its own voicemail enabled and working normally. Then you can have a general and an individual mailbox.

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