Programming BLF button for PolyCom phones to dial a feature code

I would appreciate help on the following.
We are using FreePBX with Polycom 650 phones. I want to program a BLF button to dial a feature code for Recording a phone call. I’ve tried the following but am doing something wrong.

attendant.resourceList.34.label=“Record On/Off” attendant.resourceList.34.type=“automata”

I’ve also tried the same thing with ="*1$Tinvite$"

Can’t get either one to make that feature code work. Any thoughts. I’m sure this is simple enough for someone here. Thanks!


Yeah. Dont use BLF for this. Thats wrong. You need to use a softkey or a line key but not BLF.

Thanks Tom for this information. Isn’t though a Line Key the same as a BLF key on the side car? They both have the BLF lights beside them. Forgive if this sounds ignorant but they both are programmed basically the same way as I can see. Any input would be appreciated. I’m using PolyCom 550 and 650 model phones. Thanks.

They are programmed completely different.

The actual line keys have various functions: Line (SIP account), BLF, Buddy, Speeddial and None (empty nothing programmed). They each perform specific functions and features. BLF means that it will try to SUBSCRIBE to the contact to watch their status. *1 is the In-Call feature code for on-demand recording.

In order to send that you have to use a softkey, which can speeddial and take the macro command your tried or you need to use it as a Speeddial/Line key as those can take macro commands as well. BLF buttons cannot use macro commands or other features as such. It has its own set of features when set to BLF.

Thanks Tom. Very helpful. I appreciate your time. Going to try and tackle this project hopefully in the next few weeks. One final question if anyone knows, is there a way for Free PBX to send out a tone every few seconds so the party being recorded hears the tones for proper legal notification? Thanks.

Under Advanced Settings in the Call Recording section there is a setting to set the beep in X second intervals.

I don’t see any “Advanced Settings” menu under Call Recording. This is all I’m seeing. Hopefully this screen shot posts. Thanks.

Tom said, “Under Advanced Settings in the Call Recording section” not “Advanced Settings menu under Call Recording”

See screenshot:

Also, your screenshot tells that your PBX is quite outdated. consider upgrading.

The only thing I see under “Call Recordings” is this. There is no advanced section. I’m accessing Call Recordings from the applications menu.

SETTINGS -> Advanced Settings -> Call Record.

This isn’t controlled in a module, it’s core and controlled by core system systems.

Thanks Tom. I’m going to have to look deeper. In my SETTINGS…Advanced Settings there is no Call Record anywhere. Must be missing a module or something. This is all I have in that section. I didn’t paste any of my entries in this thread, just the options available.

FreePBX Advanced Settings

IMPORTANT: Use extreme caution when making changes!
Some of these settings can render your system inoperable. You are urged to backup before making any changes. Readonly settings are usually more volatile, they can be changed by changing ‘Override Readonly Settings’ to true. Once changed you must save the setting by checking the green check box that appears. You can restore the default setting by clicking on the icon to the right of the values if not set at default.

Advanced Settings Details
Display Friendly Name? True False
Display Hidden Settings? True False
Display Readonly Settings? True False
Override Readonly Settings? True False

Asterisk Manager
Asterisk Manager Password?
Asterisk Manager User?

Backup Module
Email “From:” Address?

Call Flow Control Module
Hook Time Conditions Module? True False

Camp-On Module
Maximum Active Camp-On Requests?
Non Extensions Callee Policy?
Only Use Default Camp-On Settings? True False
Caller Policy Default?
Callee Policy Default?
Caller Timeout to Request Default?
Max Camp-On Life Busy Default?
Max Camp-On Life No Answer Default?
Default Time to Ring Back Caller?
Default Caller Callback Mode?
Default Max Camped-On Extensions?
Default Callback Alert-Info?
Default Callback CID Prepend?
Announce the Callee Extension? True False
Default Callee Alert-Info?
Default Callee CID Prepend?
Default Max Queued Callers?
BLF Camp-On Available State?
BLF Camp-On Pending State?
BLF Camp-On Busy Caller State?
BLF Camp-On Recalling State?

Developer and Customization
Always Download Web Assets? True False
Debug File?
Developer Mode? True False
Disable FreePBX dbug Logging? True False
Disable Mainstyle CSS Compression? True False
Leave Reload Bar Up? True False
POST_RELOAD Debug Mode? True False
Provide Verbose Tracebacks? True False
Use Packaged Javascript Library ? True False

Device Settings
Show all Device Setting on Add? True False
Require Strong Secrets? True False
Remove mailbox Setting when no Voicemail? True False
SIP canrenivite (directmedia)?
SIP trustrpid?
SIP sendrpid?
SIP nat?
SIP encryption?
SIP qualifyfreq?
SIP and IAX qualify?
SIP and IAX allow?
SIP and IAX disallow?
SIP and DAHDi callgroup?
SIP and DAHDi pickupgroup?

Dialplan and Operational
Block CNAM on External Trunks? True False
Call Forward Ringtimer Default?
CW Enabled by Default? True False
Disable -custom Context Includes? True False
Ditech VQA Inbound Setting?
Ditech VQA Outbound Setting?
Enable Custom Device States? True False
Extension Concurrency Limit?
Feature Codes Beep Only? True False
Force All Internal Auto Answer? True False
Generate Diversion Headers? True False
Internal Auto Answer Default?
NoOp Traces in Dialplan?
Occupied Lines CW Busy? True False
Only Use Last CID Prepend? True False
Polling Interval for Stopping Asterisk?
Use bad-number Context? True False
Use Google DNS for Enum? True False
Waiting Period to Stop Asterisk?
Display CallerID on Calling Phone? True False
Display Dialed Number on Calling Phone? True False
Use Automixmon for One-Touch Recording? True False
Conference Room App?

Follow Me Module
Create Follow Me at Extension Creation Time? True False
Disable Follow Me Upon Creation? True False
Default Follow Me Ring Time?
Default Follow Me Initial Ring Time?
Default Follow Me Ring Strategy?

GUI Behavior
Abort Config Gen on Bad Dest? True False
Abort Config Gen on Exten Conflict? True False
Check Server Referrer? True False
Include Server Name in Browser? True False
Report Unknown Dest as Error? True False
Require Confirm with Apply Changes? True False
Show Categories in Nav Menu? True False
Use freepbx_menu.conf Configuration? True False
Use wget For Module Admin? True False
Dashboard Info Update Frequency?
Dashboard Max Calls Initial Scale?
Dashboard Stats Update Frequency?

Queues Module
Set Agent Name in CDR dstchannel? True False
Use MixMonitor for Recordings? True False
Hide Queue No Answer Option? True False
Asterisk Queues Patch 15168 Installed? True False
Generate queuenum*/** Login/off Codes? True False

Ring Group Module
Display Extension Ring Group Members? True False

System Setup
FreePBX Log Routing?
Disable FreePBX Log? True False
Log Verbose Messages? True False
Send Dashboard Notifications to Log? True False
FreePBX Log File?
PHP Error Log Output?
User & Devices Mode?
Allow Login With DB Credentials? True False
User Portal Admin Username?
User Portal Admin Password?
Asterisk VMU Mask?
Browser Stats? True False
FreePBX Web Address?
Use Google Distribution Network for js Downloads? True False
Convert Music Files to WAV? True False
Dashboard Non-Std SSH Port?
Recordings Crypt Key?
Use Old Parking Patch? True False
jQuery UI Version?
jQuery Version?

Time Condition Module
Enable Maintenance Polling? True False
Maintenance Polling Interval?

Voicemail Module
Provide IMAP Voicemail Fields? True False

Real problem here is, as it was pointed out earlier, you’re on a version of FreePBX that is 5+ years old. So it may not exist at that point.

It was recommended you update. I concur with this because this means you’re also on an outdated and unsupported version of Asterisk.

You are exactly right Tom. We had loaded the new copy on our backup PBX server to do testing and such and still have not converted. You don’t know if there’s an “easy” way to convert the files on this old version to the new version do you? When we first started studying the issue it looked like we would have to manually rebuild all the extensions/trunks, etc. If someone knows a good way to convert that would help.

Again, I apologize for not catching that point on the old version. It’s not something I work on every day unless something breaks.


Well if you keep it all on the same system, you have to do it by version. So if you’re on 12 you have to be the GUI AND the system updates to the last current versions for that release. Then you need to do the 12 to 13 conversion and then 13 to 14. All the same the system must be updated per each version to the last current release of that version.

Of course, if you don’t mind bringing up a new system you can use the conversion tool that will take your old box move/transfer/convert the data to a new box. Would allow you to review changes, etc.

Thanks much. I’m going to do my best to get this done this summer. We have our own PBX here in our Christian College and Church, etc. which has saved us a ton of money on phone lines, etc… We had trouble for many years with the traditional copper line PBX systems getting lightening in them as we are connected across multiple buildings. We finally ditched all that and ran fiber optics between all locations on campus now with the voip system of Free PBX and it has saved thousands. Thanks for all you guys do to provide this system.


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